Our Church History

Saint Matthews United Church of Christ was formed in 1833 as Saint Matthews German Reformed Church and was formed by the Reverend Jesse B. Knipe who served the community for 30 years.  The original building, which is still used to this day, was dedicated on December 10, 1833.  The educational building was dedicated on June 7, 1970.

Over the course of almost 200 years, Saint Matthews has grown and changed in many positive ways.  As Reverend Judith Miller stated in 2003, “St. Matthews has much to offer because fo the warm, welcoming atmosphere”.  We at Saint Matthew continue to grow as people and as a church while maintaining a solid foundation in our beliefs and our desire to maintain the “warm, welcoming atmosphere” that we have come to be known for.

Our door is always open.  We welcome visitors and new members to celebrate with us every Sunday at 9:15.  In addition, we hold many social and charitable events throughout the year that are open to one and all.  please see our calendar for a list of upcoming events.